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Richard Villari


Richard Villari is the Principal Solicitor and founder of Villari Lawyers. He identified the need for high quality ethnic and community based legal services throughout NSW and started his practice in 2001 to address this need. In this short time he has grown the practice from a staff of three to a staff of thirty. Richard has invested significant resources into the education and training of staff to support his conviction that a well-informed and skilled team provide the foundation to an efficient and productive service.

In 2015, Richard has led Villari Lawyers in establishing offices in Victoria and South Australia.

Gabriela Faura

Associate Solicitor

Gabriela Faura joined Villari Lawyers in January 2002 and is a qualified practising Solicitor both in New South Wales and in Argentina. In her time with Villari Lawyers, Gabriela has become one of the most recognisable and respected Spanish-speaking Solicitors in NSW. She has acquired an extensive portfolio highlighted by many work claims and successful insurance and Family Law matters amongst her broad legal experience.

Gabriela has an excellent rapport with clients and has always made herself accessible to working people who find themselves in legal difficulty. She has earned a reputation for defeating large and powerful defendants when advocating the rights of her clients.

Dr. Brian Touyz


Brian Touyz recently joined the staff at Villari & Co bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm. He has achieved a Master of Labour Law and a Doctorate in Labour Relations. Brian was admitted as a Solicitor in South Africa in 1985 and again in New South Wales in 1990. He has practised extensively in insurance law in NSW since 1988 and completed thousands of successful claims. Brian has acquired vast expertise in all employment-related matters, endowing him with an enviable ability to provide a holistic and realistic analysis of worker’s total entitlements under the Law. His meticulous appraisal of a client’s matter offers them the security of knowing an experienced professional is defending their rights.

Steven Glavan


Kelly Vidovic



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