Wills & Estates

A will is possibly the single most important document any individual will ever sign. The document dictates how and to whom property and assets are distributed, after your passing. Without a will there is no way to guarantee assets are distributed according to the person’s wishes.

How to Contest a Will Even After Probate

It may be that you have been insufficiently provided for or completely left out of a will. In these kinds of situations you may have the necessary grounds to contest a will, and is the only course of action you should take to ensure fairness in such circumstances. Please note you still have grounds for contesting a will even after probate, although it’s far more practical to apply before one has been issued.

All claims should be made within 12 months of the death of the person in question. Our team will also negotiate to guarantee the best outcome and ensure fairness is achieved.

Professional Help and Assistance

The death of somebody close is always going to be a testing time, and being left out will only makes these times more painful and difficult to contend with. Situations like these can become excessively complex, but our team will be there to explain things clearly and concisely ensuring you know everything that occurs throughout the proceedings.

Unsure if you have grounds for contesting a will? Have you been unfairly left out or uncertain how to contest a will? Whatever your situation, our team can help you with our expert knowledge and advice.

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