Hearing Loss

Our team of lawyers specialise in compensation claims for sufferers of industrial deafness. We can lead you through the correct procedures for claiming compensation in the event of hearing loss as a result of noisy work conditions. We will assist you receive the compensation you are entitled to and deserve.

Helping you through your Claim

The amount you receive depends on the extent of hearing impairment that has occurred. Processing a claim with our specialists can help you receive access to free hearing aids and in certain circumstances, a lump sum payment.

Our team can arrange an appointment to visit an audiologist to diagnose the severity of your condition as well as enabling you to make sense of your symptoms. After consulting with one of our lawyers, we will discuss your hearing test results with you and evaluate whether or not you have a case. We will then submit your claim if the all the necessary criteria has been met.

Don’t Suffer Alone

Throughout the entire proceedings we will offer guidance and advice as well as ensuring you understand completely what is happening at all times. If you are suffering from symptoms of hearing loss caused from excessively noisy environments, our team can help with your application.

The exact amount and benefits a sufferer of industrial deafness receives will vary from state to state. For more information about industrial deafness or to speak to an adviser directly, please call 1300 885 356.

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