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Family Provision Act

We understand how much pain and suffering you have to endure in the event of a loved one passing away. Being left out of their will only makes that suffering more extreme. The Family Provision Act was put into place to ensure fairness for family members.

We provide assistance to spouses and children or other close family members left out of a will. If the person in question demonstrate they have been unfairly left out of a will, a judge is then legally entitled to amend the terms of the will to ensure a person carries out their moral obligations to their close relatives. Family Provision claims are an extremely complex area that requires capable and experienced lawyers to help explain things and to provide much needed professional advice and assistance.

Competent & Professional Legal Firm

Apart from servicing individuals with family provision claims we also provide assistance for motor vehicle accident compensation, superannuation, wills, industrial hearing loss and work injury claims.

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Hearing Loss

Compensation for hearing loss from noisy employment

Wills & Estates

Protect your family and your assets

Motor Vehicle Claims

Car accident injury claims

Superannuation TPD Claims

Superannuation claims when you have suffered a Total & Permanent Disability

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When you have suffered an incident at work we can help you

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